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myhiddlesss asked:

Hey, lovely! Happy Belated Birthday! I'm sorry that I missed it, but I wish you all the best for your upcoming year, good luck and a lot of fun! I also hope you had a great birthday party with your family and friends! Stay as awesome as you are! xoxo

Thank you my dear! The party is over and I just finished cleaning up! I got everything I wanted (a purple 3DS and pokemon X) and more ($140, the fault in our stars extended edition, a $15 iTunes gift card, and Star Trek The Conundrum). The trip to Magic Kingdom was fantastic and I feel ready for the next year! :)

So…back home. Ummm, no one sent me any birthday messages here, I only got them from my relatives and friends not on tumblr, but um I guess there must be a reason. I’m not trying to be whiny but it would have been nice to get something. Especially since this year was kind of a big milestone for me. I did have fun at Disney World though. I might put up so pics later, but for know I just kind of want to get away from tumblr for a bit. Maybe watch some movies…

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